We “heart” weddings!

At Flourish, we think weddings are GREAT.

Korine, our cake decorator, loves to get creative with the cakes and treats. In fact,we have a party today – a bridal shower. Korine made a mini wedding cake (pictured above). Seriously mini – it’s a 4 inch carrot cake (bride’s favorite) with a tiny cupcake sized tiered top. She decorated it to complement the bride’s gorgeous gown. The party givers are going to use it as a centerpiece and then give it to the bride as a party favor.

We are doing an interactive cupcake demo for the 20 ladies. Each guest will receive two “naked” cupcakes a person and a kit of BEAUTIFUL fondant decorations, different frostings, piping bags, etc. Korine will walk them through all-things-cupcakes and teach them how to decorate. It should be really great fun.

For more info on wedding cake tastings, showers (baby or bridal) and bachelor/bachelorette parties, email us at info@flourishbakerycafe.com.

Eat Happy. Flourish.

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