“The Bread Man Is Here!”

This is the excited squeal from children we heard when delivering bread for the Flourish Bakery home bread delivery program recently. It was a Friday night and a regular stop on the delivery line-up. The kids raced down the stairs, laughing, dancing and singing, “THE BREAD MAN IS HERE! THE BREAD MAN IS HERE!” Then the second refrain: “Oooooh, I hope you have Cinnamon Raisin. We LOOOOVE the Cinnamon Raisin Bread!!”

Best feeling ever.

You might remember, we started the Home Bread Delivery program because fresh bread delivered daily is one of Ed’s most favorite memories, growing up in Germany. Every day, he and his siblings would hear the “bread man” driving up the street in his noisy old Volkswagen. Fresh bread delivered to your doorstep. He and his siblings would quickly dive into the often still-warm loaves of dense, delicious bread. A permanent memory was created for sure.

Ed tries to personally do as many of the home deliveries as he possibly can. It’s so satisfying to see people anticipate your bread…and then hear their satisfaction. It’s a chance to connect with the customers and learn more about what’s they like and what they would like in the future.

NOTE: We currently deliver on Wednesdays, Friday and Sundays. Free home delivery with a minimum regular $10 order in our 1-mile(ish) delivery radius. Get a group together and we’ll consider expanding our delivery borders. All info is available online at www.flourishbakerycafe.com/home-bread-delivery. Or email for details at bread@flourishbakerycafe.com.

Eat Happy. Flourish.

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