“We are delighted to have fresh, hand-crafted with care bread delivered to our door-step each week. What a treat!  The kids get healthy no-junk whole wheat for their lunches, and we get the special treat or fantastic toast and sandwiches. The demi-baguettes bake up to a crispy shattering crust and perfect inside, and have been great to have on hand for Sunday meals and having company over.  As we make our way through all the delicious options I find myself so grateful to have this service available to us. Thank you Flourish!”

“We have been doing the weekly bread delivery offered for FREE by Flourish and it is amazing!  We get two loaves of bread delivered on Friday and the cinnamon raisin loaf barely makes it through the weekend!! Anyway, I highly recommend the delivery service, the bread is amazing and it is a great way to support a local business!”

“Whenever we’d run out of Flourish Whole Grain Bread my husband would groan.  Then I got an email letting us know that Flourish would be doing home delivery.  We were thrilled – even more so as we started trying their other options.  For Christmas morning we had par-baked cinnamon rolls (the best!!), for a Packer party we ordered the bacon/cheddar loaf (a huge hit for those Cheeseheads) and are now getting our favorite whole grain with a baker’s choice delivered to our door weekly.  You can’t beat the price, the flavor or the quality!!  My husband (and the whole family) are a whole lot happier!!”