Breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack – at Flourish we believe you need to Eat Happy.

Quick start your day the right way. Flourish offers excellent breakfast pastries(though we recommend them any time of day). Begin your day with a croissant, amuffin or even chocolate cake (we won’t tell!)… Pair it with a rich-roasted Metropolis black coffee, a latte, or a tea. You’ll be feeling happy ‘til lunch!

For lunch, we offer hearty homemade sandwiches on thick cut bread (try them cold or we will bake them warm for you). Complement your sandwich with one of our daily soups,salads, sides or chili. Fresh, quality ingredients — favorite foods expertly built and brought to a state of YUM.

We pride ourselves on our breads. We believe great food starts with great bread and we think the formula is surprisingly simple. Choose from Multigrain, Sourdough, Rye, Croissant, Pretzel Rollor a Baguette. Add your middle (ham, turkey, tuna, cheese). And your toppers (mayo, mustard, tomato, lettuce, etc.). Lift and bite. Eat Happy.

Traditional favorite cookies like Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter or Oatmeal Raisin. New savory combo cookies (think Cherry Rosemary). Or try one of our Vegan selections. The Flourish bakers worked months to perfect the Vegan Chocolate Chip cookie. Something for everyone. YUM.

Criss-cross sugar crusted Apple Pie. Chocolate cake. German chocolate, carrot, yellow or chocolate cupcakes. Peanut butter stuffed chocolate cupcake?! Yep. The “best carrot cake in Chicago.” Try it to believe it. Combined with our special espresso bean and new espresso machine…we (almost) dare you to not come back for more.

Did you know that Monkey Bread is made with croissant dough? Now that’s some major YUM.

We are always playing with the menu…Check back for updates – or better yet, just come on in!